Choosing a Body Piercing Shop in Swansboro, NC

Getting a body piercing is a great way to express yourself and add to your personality. However, it is important to choose a shop that uses clean and sterile tools and follows proper procedure. It is also a good idea to consult a doctor before getting a piercing, especially if you have any chronic health conditions or take medication.

Body piercing involves making holes in the skin to wear jewelry. Although ears are the most common place for a piercing, people can get them in almost any part of their bodies. Infections are a risk with any type of body piercing, so it is essential to get yours done by a licensed and experienced piercer. The jewelry used should be high-quality and made of a metal that will not cause a reaction with your skin, such as stainless steel or gold.

OurĀ piercing shop in Swansboro are trained professionals who will give you the best piercing experience. We offer a wide variety of piercings from traditional ear lobe to cartilage and other facial piercings.

All piercings are done on a walk-in basis Tuesday through Saturday 12pm-7pm. Prices listed include basic surgical stainless steel jewelry. Depending on the jewelry you choose to wear your price may increase.

Fresh piercings must be cleaned 2-3 times daily with liquid, fragrance free soap and sterile saline spray. You can rinse your piercing with distilled water, but please do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol as this will delay healing.